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An OMFGcata video also known as "One Thousand" is supposed to celebrate Jesse's one thousandth video, showing humorous moments of his videos in order they were posted (this likely not true), beginning from old videos, mostly a year ago, to his more recent videos.

"1,000 Videos"Edit

"1,000 Videos" is a song created by a man named "Roomie" or his YouTube channel, "RoomieOfficial" (unknown if this is a typo for the pronunciation or a nickname) to celebrate such feat. The reason the song was released so late is because he started writing the song as soon the video was released, and therefore, in between such time he was still writing the lyrics, which are here:

(Verse 1)

Roomie: Playing "Amnesia" late at night. I get scared, scream like a girl, and turn on every light.

Well, it's good I stopped; 'cause it's time to bed,

just gotta watch one YouTube video to get the game out of my head...


"1,000" Videos, 1,000.

I'm watching "1,000" VIdeos, 1,000.

(Verse 2)

Wake up to my ring tone (it's by "Frankenstein Joe"). It's my girlfriend calling so I smile and say "Hello."

Roomie's supposed Girlfriend: "You are a douchebag, so I'm breaking up with you! So delete our private movies!"

Roomie: I smile and say: "Will do." HA.


(Verse 3)

"IN 'YO' FACE", I've got a new date!

"IN 'YO' FACE", but I'm running late!

"IN 'YO' FACE", now I'm dressed, and ready to go!

"IN 'YO' FACE", ...just one more video!


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