Image Title Original Airdate No. in series Duration
Battlefield41 Battlefield 4 Beta: Training Day w/ Crendor October 2, 2013 01 24:26
Jesse's first time ever playing a Battlefield game. Yep, this is gonna be a thing. It's Battlefield 4 time!
Battlefield42 Battlefield 4 Launch - LEVOLUTION (Part 1): Island Cruise November 1, 2013 02 41:42
Jesse and Crendor return to BF4, to blow it the hell up! Cause you wanted to see it! BOOM BABY!
Battlefield43 Battlefield 4 Launch - LEVOLUTION (Part 2): Tear Down This Wall! November 4, 2013 03 21:37
Jesse and Crendor BroForce4 it up, this time to tear down a wall and flood a city, then blow the bark right out the forest!
Battlefield44 Battlefield 4 Launch - LEVOLUTION (Part 3): The Comeback November 6, 2013 04 23:13
Stick around for the last half of this one, empowered by greatness Jesse gets way to worked up about a few minutes of murdering.
Battlefield45 Battlefield 4 China Rising: Tanks vs Copters! December 12, 2013 05 22:00
Commander Crendor and Rear Admiral Cox are back! This time with the new DLC for BF4! Let Jesse's nerd rage begin!

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