Daniel "Supardanil" Tan is the animator for Cox n Crendor animated shorts and a chicken rice connoisseur. Dan also does most of the banner art and thumbnails for Jesse Cox and Crendor's videos. Dan's humble beginnings comes from animating "The Krummel Monster" from the Cox n Crendor podcast which he uploaded to his personal YouTube. After doing a few more animated shorts, Cox and Crendor saw promise in the young animator and hired him to officially become their animator/artist. Stated by Jesse Cox that they pay him less than what it would cost for a pack of hot dogs, Dan began his work on making many great Cox n Crendor animated shorts. Dan has given many of Cox and Crendor's ideas and characters life by drawing them for all to see. Characters like Grey Storm, Guy Hero, Florida Man and many more. Although on a current hiatus from animating Cox n Crendor, because in the words of Crendor "He is being a giant nerd and trying to better himself with school." The next slated Cox n Crendor animated is hoping to premiere during/at PAX South during the Cox n Crendor panel.

You can find Dan in these places.

Cox n Crendor Animated

Personal YouTube Channel

Twitter - @Supardanil

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