Outside the blocks

The BeginningEdit

Jesse had been asked to play Minecraft many times on each video and across his social media accounts ,so when he did eventually agree to play he asked some friends to help him learn how to play. Special guest SlyFoxHound taught him about tools, crafting, and building whereas the Yogscast taught him about ores, dungeons, and lava, however ultimately everyone died.

He then created a Minecraft music video, a parody of Eye of the Tiger renamed to Eye of the Creeper. In the description of the video Jesse thanks SlyFox and the Yogscast for helping him "on my journey through the hardest game ever made by man :P". This music video is still the most popular video on his channel over two years since it was released.

The next Minecraft series was Outside the Blocks, a series in which Jesse would visit servers with particularly impresive creations and talented builders. It was in episode three of this series that Jesse met some of the future RPG Makers, Norwen and Meeuwes, while they were giving him a tour of their world.

RPG MakersEdit

Jesse's most recent and currently ongoing Minecraft series is the RPG Makers . This series involves Jesse and his team of talented builders slowly creating a Role Playing Game (RPG) within Minecraft. 

There have been several build days where they tell people to sign up at there website before the date and they invite a range of people onto their server to take part in a huge build. Some of the build days have been livestreamed on the Shaboozey twitch channel and many videos from participants perspectives are available on YouTube.

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