TES: Oblivion Random vid from Google

The GameEdit

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is an open-world RPG. It was published by Bethesda Softworks, known for various other games like Fallout.

Jesse's wayEdit

Jesse has recorded and released an incomplete 80 part playthrough of Skyrim (playlist ), his best ever video series. He has a specific amusing style of gameplay. Jesse makes various new ways of exploring, eg. looking for loot in the water. He follows a spiritual fox called 'Foxy Brown' that follows him around.

Jesse makes a habit of finding various different dangerous hazards - sexually harassed warlocks and vampires who want to eat him. For Jesse, the whole game is about finding his future ex-wife, who may be Aela the Huntress of the Companions. Until that arrives, he sticks with a retarded lizard appropriately named Lizzie. Lizzie's hobbies include, but is not limited to, killing himself, activating traps, getting in Jesse's way, and altogether screwing Jesse over. Jesse also has Allie (his combative horse - known to take foes singlehandedly) and Meeko (the jolly dog). The companions occasionally tag along.

Allie is Jesse's warhorse - who has been bought many times due to ironic untimely deaths. This is not shown in his videos, however Jesse mentioned it to Trish when he recorded a 4-part livestream. Occasionally, lesser-known creatures star in this series - such as Physics Rabbit and multiple dragons which kill Jesse's questgivers. Jesse tends to avoid stealing from other people unless it's something awesome for in his house.

Tragedy struck after some time when Lizzie, having had enough with Jesse's antics, left him in the midst of a battle. Shortly after, Meeko was killed in another battle. The grief of losing his companions changed Jesse into "Bad Dovahkiin", a slightly more gruffy and badass version of himself.

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