Ice Cube, an american rapper.

The american rapper Ice Cube, O'Shea Jackson, appeared as a topic in a RPG Makers video on the 24th of february 2013 called "Additional Pylons". Halfway trough the video Thomas(omzit) starts to sing lyrics from the song "Check Yo Self" by Ice Cube. 

"Meeuwes better go check himself before he wreck himself" were along the lines of the words uttered by Thomas, this starts an in-depth analyzation of the song. The group refuse to believe the lyrics Thomas presented to them, but to their amazement all the lyrics are indeed correct. Jesse then proceeds to propose the group to enter a feud with the rapper.

The conversation suddenly escalates into a racist shitstorm out of proportions. The group forbidsThomas to continue the song because Ice Cube uses the "N"-word. This triggers the primal instinct lying deep in the unconsciousness of young Thomas. Within seconds the entire audio for about a minute of the video is a giant tsunami of censored lines, laughter and Jesse begging Thomas to stop. 

This might just be the most racist event that ever hit the crew of the RPG Makers. It is still not confirmed how many hours Jesse spent editing the footage. And it still isn't confirmed wether Thomas did time for Hate Crime or not.

Ice Cube hasn't offered any comment on the incident yet.

RPG Makers - Additional Pylons32:38

RPG Makers - Additional Pylons

The incident starts at 17:00

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