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The Yogscast (creators and co-owners of YouTube account BlueXephos and yogscast2 ) is a popular internet sensation (mostly due to YouTube) that has starred in an early episode of Minecraft as both entertainment for the audience and mentors of Jesse.


In the only video they made, they have taught him about...

  • Iron
  • Other underground minerals (i.e. Obsidian, Gold, Redstone, etc.)
  • And finally: Dungeons (Using a spider-related one as an example).

The video ended when Lewis Brindley/Xephos tried to use a lava hole as a spider trap but failed and was killed, Jesse was killed by taunting the spiders without noticing the one climbing out of the lava hole. Apparently, he was able to kill it BUT, was then killed by another spider while Simon Lane/Honeydew came too late. They were suppose to make a second part, but didn't (even though the ending said "To Be Continued") for an unknown reason.


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