I truly dearly wish I had the wiki abilities of other people. I admit, I have been doing this (wiki) longer, but in an extremely short amount of time, certain people have proven to me that they can do it better, alot better. I hope the people who plan on working with me aren't very demanding, considering I'm apparently the only admin, and I really don't like being rushed or expected of, because I usually can't deliver, which is why it took me so damn long to develop TWO of this wiki's pages; I got to work at my own [absolutely sluggish] pace. Getting upstaged by non-admins is a little depressing, but atleast I don't have to do any of the dirty work, and I get to make small edits as I see fit.

Noone's gonna see this, but if you do, let me know, because I tend to act different talking/typing to myself than with others, and I'm treating this blog more like a diary.